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"Together we can  overcome obesity &

it's harmful effects."

-Dr. Sylvia G-Bollie

Thanks for visiting my page! My personal and professional experience have prepared me to be "America's Obesity Doctor"

Together we can work together to decrease individually and on a national and international level.

Lasting Weight Loss Requires More Than Calorie Counting

Through my weight loss journey I realized that successful weight loss does not occur alone or with just one approach. The combination of: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Fueling Food provides a synergistic effect that helps optimize weight loss/ management success.





Fitness Inspired Through Teamwork (F.I.T.T.)

F.I.T.T. stands for Fitness Inspired Through Teamwork. I developed this concept based on my own weight loss journey which started as most people's : alone. However, it wasn’t until others became involved in my journey that I experienced weight loss success and satisfaction along the process. Professionally, as a Internal Medicine-Primary Care Physician & Obesity Medicine (Weight Loss) Specialist, I have seen the benefit of inter-disciplinary collaboration (i.e. teamwork) in weight management. I am passionate about helping busy people, especially working moms, obtain and maintain their "happy weight" through sustainable lifestyle interventions.

  Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your weight journey! 

Enjoy the resources on this website & follow my progress on Twitter & Facebook (@DrSylviaMD) and  Instagram (@DrSylvia_MD).