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Fitting Fitness Into Your Life

GET STARTED: It’s not as hard as you think to fit fitness into your life.

Get started with the three A’s:

1.Address Obstacles & Create Opportunities

2.Assemble a Support Team

3.Act Daily

1.Address Obstacles & Create Opportunities

What we label as “excuses” are actually our obstacles. When beginning a fitness program, it can be helpful to think about how you will address your obstacles and create opportunities for success. Look at the examples below, and then make your own table with your obstacles and potential opportunities. A sample table is shown on the left.

2. Assemble a Support Team

SUPPORT TEAM: Your support team should contain positive influences, the people impacted by your health, and professionals who can help you meet your goals.

SAMPLE TEAM: Faith (i.e. God), Family (i.e. Spouse, Children), Friends, Physician/PCP, Therapist, Personal Trainer, Exercise Group, etc

Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie

3. Act Daily

ACT DAILY: Be sure to do something everyday towards your fitness goals! And remember: