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For those of you who follow me on social media you know since 2017 I've been participating in Meatless Monday.

Why I participate in Meatless Monday?

✅Added health benefits through decreased saturated fat - most of our saturate fat comes from animal based intake. High levels of

✅Better for the environment- keeping up with the growing demand for meat has placed a large strain on the environment.

✅It tastes great- I love the opportunity to challenge myself to create delicious plant based meals like the mushroom bean burger pictured.

At this point in my life, I must admit a completely plant based diet seems daunting but the benefits of a plant based diet are undeniable. While I haven't consumed red meat or pork in almost 20yrs, I still eat chicken. My goal is to gradually increase my plant based intake. I've made progress over the years and now eat at least 50% plant based. While vegans such as in "What the Health?" will advocate for absolutely no meat consumption, it's hard to undo thousands of years of eating patterns.  However small changes over time add up. Try making one meal per week, then per day plant based or vegetarian.

More research needs to be done on what is the ideal balance of meat consumption.

For now most scientific evidence points to

Avoiding processed meats

Limiting red meat

✅Increasing plant based intake to at least 50% a day

If you are planning on transitioning to a plant based diet it is important you do so the right way to eat healthy and prevent nutrition deficits. Harvard Health provides a useful guide on safely transitioning to a plant based diet. 

Motivation has been so helpful on my journey. A few of my favorite plant based influences are:

Dr. Judy Brangman "The Plantbased MD

Doneshia Starling or "Simply Starling" , Plantbased Health Coach